Nellim Aurora Bubble

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Nellim Aurora Bubble price from 210€/night
Ivalo Airport - 51 km

Nellim Wilderness Hotel Location

Finland - Lapland - Tsarmitunturi Wilderness Area - Ivalo

By air: Helsinki - Ivalo daily flights. Flight time - 1h40m. Price from 39€. Airport: 51 km. From airport: bus to Inari+taxi, or taxi from airport.

By train: Helsinki - Rovaniemi daily trains. Duration - 8-12h. Price from 68€. Station: 330 km. From train station: bus to Inari+taxi or rental car self-drive.

Nellim Aurora Bubble Hotel

Nellim is a Bubble Hotel Finland to see the Northern lights, try different nature safaris and adventure tours. It is located in unique Inari wilderness area, Northern Lapland.

Nellim lodge options:
* Hotel Rooms | * Spacious Suites | * Rustic Log Cabins | * Lakeside Cabins | * Aurora Bubbles

There is also Restaurant with buffet style Lapland cuisine and Bar.

Nellim Aurora Bubble

Aurora Bubble is a little cabin for 2 persons with glass dome ceiling. It has sky view, some have lake view too.
Facilities: sleeping places for 2, composting toilet and limited space for luggage.
Communal sauna, shower facilities are at the main building.

Aurora Bubble suitable for 1 night experience.

10 m2wc

1 / 6

What to do around Nellim?

According to Wikipedia, "The people of Nellim claim that it is the best location in Finland to view the Northern Lights".

Besides there a lot of other Lapland activities available as:

Snowshoeing tracks * Snowmobiling * Visit to reindeer farm * Aurora car trip * Private Aurora heated sledge safari * Cross-country skiing * Husky safari * Ice fishing

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Nellim Aurora bubble: Positive reviews

“What a fabulous winter adventure! The Aurora Bubble was absolutely 100% worth it. Really fun honeymoon. A true adventure. Traveller from USA”

“Free coffee and tea provided. igloo was pretty and unique experience with pretty surroundings. Traveller from Singapore.”

“Well worth the effort to get here. Traveller from Australia.”

Nellim Aurora bubble: Negative Reviews

“No wifi and shower facilities in the room. Traveller from Singapore.”

“Very short on space, couldn't fit your luggage inside. Traveller from Australia.”

What to do around Nellim: Programs.

Snowmobile tryout tour is perfect for those who have never tried snowmobiling before. First you will get familiar with the snowmobile, have full safety instructions and driving lesson. After everyone feels comfortable, we will head out for a small journey into the nearby surroundings. What’s included: Snowmobiling lesson, guided snowmobiling tour Duration: 2 hours
100 €/person ,
single driving supplement 50 €/person
A guided snowmobile tour that will give you an insight on Sámi culture and way of life in the north. The guide will tell you more about the Sámi culture and the life of a reindeer herder. You will feed the reindeer – the curious animals might even come up and eat out of your hand! Lunch by the open fire included: reindeer soup and warm drinks. During the day we will make stops at the Nellim church and the Russian Border, and you will also have a chance to try ice fishing. What’s included: Snowmobiling lesson, guided snowmobiling tour, visit to the reindeer farm, lunch by open fire, warm drinks, ice fishing gear and instructions Duration: 5-6 hours
190 €/person ,
single driving supplement 100 €/person
On this visit you will be transferred by car, or sledge pulled by snowmobile, to a local reindeer farm. There you will meet the herder, see some of his reindeer, and have even possibility to feed them. You will also visit the Nellim church. What’s included: Guided visit to the reindeer farm, transfers Duration: 2 hours
90 €/person
Snowmobiling in Nellim is big fun. There is unlimited wilderness, lots of tracks and beautiful sceneries all around. During the day we will enjoy lunch by the open fire and warm drinks. What’s included: Snowmobiling lesson, guided snowmobiling tour, lunch by open fire, warm drinks Duration: 4 hours
180 €/person ,
single driving supplement 100 €/person
This day is dedicated to snowmobiling and ice fishing. We will start our day with snowmobiling lesson and after this, we head towards one of the hundred lakes here in Nellim. We will try to find the best spots for fishing, camp there and test our luck. During the day, we will enjoy warm drinks and have lunch by the open fire – if lucky, it will be fresh fish we caught ourselves! What’s included: Snowmobiling lesson, guided snowmobiling tour, lunch by open fire, warm drinks, ice fishing instructions and gear Duration: 6 hours
195 €/person ,
single driving supplement 100 €/person
If you prefer a nice gentle walk in a beautiful snowy surrounding, this is the tour for you. We will equip you with snowshoes (and poles if preferred) and head for a nice little walk in the surroundings of the hotel. Along the way, our guide will share interesting stories and information about the Finnish nature. What’s included: Guided snowshoeing trip Duration: 2 hours
70 €/person
On this trek, we will head to Nellim forests and hills. During the trek the guide will share interesting stories and information about Finnish nature and animals. Eventually you will reach your camp place, where you will have some lunch and warm drinks by the open fire. This trip is perfect for photographers and nature lovers, as snowshoeing is a true eco-activity! What’s included: Guided snowshoeing trip, lunch and drinks by open fire Duration: 4 hours
95 €/person
We will get to know the skis, how to cope with them and learn some useful techniques. There are a few ready made tracks in Nellim surroundings, so you will get a chance to go out on your own after this introductory tour. What’s included: Cross country skiing instructions, short guided tour Duration: 2 hours
70 €/person
An absolute ‘must do’ when visiting Nellim! You will be taught how to handle the sled before you head out for the husky safari, where the huskies will pull your sled through the beautiful winter scenery, passing through frozen Lake Inari. The dogs’ excitement is infectious and as the animals fall silent on the trail, you will realize that this is the only way to see Lapland. All our husky safaris include full instruction and are based on two people sharing a sled unless otherwise stated. What’s included: driving instructions, husky ride (approx. 2 h), husky farm presentation, lunch in the hotel restaurant
190 €/person ,
single driving supplement 100 €/person
On this snowmobiling tour you will head to Nellim surroundings in search of Northern Lights. You will be heading for the open spots, where the chances of seeing the possible Aurora are the highest. Driving distance depends on the weather conditions; if the sky looks promising, we will stop and admire this beautiful show. What’s included: Snowmobiling lesson, guided snowmobile tour, warm drinks Duration: 2,5 hours
150 €/person ,
single supplement 50 €/person
This program takes you Aurora hunting on the amazing Lake Inari. You will be comfortably seated in a sledge that is pulled by the guide’s snowmobile. This way you can enjoy the northern sky all the way to the camp place. While observing the night sky, we will enjoy the blazing campfire with hot drinks and each other’s company. The atmosphere by the campfire is an experience in itself. Our Aurora Camps are located 3-6km from Nellim, facing the northern sky. Lake Inari is one of the best places in the world for aurora viewing since there is no light pollution at all. If you are lucky, you might get to enjoy this unique light phenomenon. What’s included: Sledge ride to Aurora Camp place, guide’s services, warm drinks Duration: 2,5 hours
115 €/person
Experience the surrounding nature and Aurora Borealis on foot! Snowshoeing in the woods at night has it’s own excitement. We will wander in the Nellim woods and surroundings, until finally reaching the camp spot. At the camp we will enjoy some warm drinks and gaze at the sky hoping for a possible Northern Lights show. What’s included: Guided snowshoeing tour, warm drinks Duration: 2,5 hours
115 €/person
During this trip, you will be travelling by car to the famous Paatsjoki Bridge. As the River Paatsjoki never freezes, it offers the most amazing reflections from the open water when the aurora borealis appear. This bridge is also very popular location among aurora photographers. We will spend the evening on the bridge, having some warm drinks to keep us warm. Depending on weather conditions, there might be slight changes to the route we take with our car, but on this tour we do our very best to catch some northern lights! What’s included: Car trip to Paatsjoki bridge, warm drinks Duration: 2,5 hours
115 €/person
Aurora sledge is a heated sledge with an open roof view. This is specially designed for enjoying the aurora from the warmth of the sledge, going around Lake Inari to the best viewing points. If you are looking for something special on your holiday, this might be it! There is also the possibility to have a longer tour with dinner by the open fire. What’s included: Aurora sledge ride on frozen Lake Inari, warm drinks (dinner by open fire for extra fee) Duration: 2,5 hours (3 hours with dinner)
Aurora Sledge safari 220 €/person ,
Aurora Sledge safari with dinner 270 €/person
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We are located in Kemijärvi/Lapland and Helsinki.
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