33 glass igloo hotels in Finland to see the Northern Lights

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When would you like to stay at a glass igloo?
Here is a list of all glass igloo hotels in Finland. We've marked igloos available for indicated dates with a special search results box and price range.

Finland Glass igloo priceWhole month glass igloo price and availability can be checked here. If you are flexible in travel dates, check the best offers.


  Why Rovaniemi? ▼

1. Snowman World Glass Resort

In our opinion, the most luxury glass hotel in Rovaniemi.

Each glass apartment has private sauna and own outdoor heated jacuzzi with massage jets and lighting. Special experience to relax outdoor after sauna surrounded by a woodland and silence.

Santa Claus Office - 250m.
Rovaniemi airport - 3 km.

Snowman World Glass igloo Resort
1 / 6

2. Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

Design hotel near Santa Claus Village (2 km) and SantaPark (0,2 km).
Hotel offers Arctic Glass Houses and cubic nest-like Suites with glass wall and a view.

In our opinion, it is out of the ordinary hotel in Rovaniemi to complement Lapland holidays and Santa experience.

Price from 290€/night.

Arctic Tree House Hotel
1 / 7

3. Santa's Igloos Arctic Circle

Stylish and comfortable glass igloos in Finland in a short walk to Santa Claus Village (600m) where you can meet Santa all year round.
350m to Husky Park.
Free shuttle bus from Rovaniemi Airport.

Price from 690€/night.

Santa's Igloos Arctic Circle
1 / 5

4. Arctic Glass Igloos Sinettä

Classical Northern Lights glass igloo with heated floors and thermal-glass roofs. Sky view. Igloos are located next to Arctic SnowHotel, Ice Restaurant and Snow Sauna. Aurora Borealis alarm service available.

Price from 399€/night.

Arctic Glass Igloos, Rovaniemi
1 / 10

5. Apukka Aurora Cabin

Apukka resort is Finland Northern Lights hotel close to Rovaniemi. Santa Claus Village (9 km), Rovaniemi (16 km).

There are rooms, cabins and glass igloos located near the lake. Aurora cabins for 2-4 persons with glass roof and sky view. Activities on site and sana experience.

Price from 450€/night.
Apukka Glass Igloos, Rovaniemi
1 / 3

6. Apukka Aurora Wagon

Apukka resort is a place to see the Northern Lights in a wilderness, but close to Rovaniemi. Santa Claus Village (9 km), Rovaniemi (16 km).

Heated Aurora Wagons with glass roof, double bed and small kitchenette. Can be transported to the wilderness or to frozen lake.

Price from 680€/night.
See: Apukka Aurora Wagon
See: Apukka Aurora Wagon
Apukka Aurora Wagon, Rovaniemi
1 / 2
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  Why Saariselka? ▼

7 . Northern Lights Village

Finland Northern Lights hotel with Aurora glass roofed igloos. Resort is focusing on Northern Lights photography. 1 km from Saariselka ski resort.

Own reindeer paddock and husky dogs on site. Variety of Lapland activities, camps and Aurora photo workshops. Family friendly - sledding hill for kids, children snowmobile track.

Price from 285€/night.

Northern Lights Village Aurora cabins
1 / 9

8. Wilderness Hotel Muotka

Lapland igloo hotel next to Kakslattanen area. Aurora cabins with glass-roofed ceiling and private sauna. Comfortable stay for Northern lights hunting, wilderness and active Lapland holidays. 41 km from Ivalo airport.

"Complimentary chocolates and champagne on arrival were a wonderful treat. Traveller from United Kingdom".

Price from 255€/night.

Wilderness Hotel Muotka Aurora cabins
1 / 6

9. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Kakslauttanen is well-known Lapland igloo hotel and resort. It offers classical Northern Lights glass igloo from basic to upgraded with facilities, and comfortable Kelo-glass igloos.
All possible activities in 1 place. Suitable for big groups or travel package tours. Highly priced igloo hotel.

Price from 467€/night.

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort Glass Igloos
1 / 9

10. Star Arctic Hotel

Star Arctic Hotel is a small Northern Lights hotel located top of Kaunispää Mountain (“Beauty Hill”) of Saariselkä. It has Glass cabins and Suits with glass wall. Panorama view of surrounding nature and the sky.

Ski-to-door access. Husky, reindeer, snowmobile safaris, Aurora hunting trip with reindeer or snowmobile possible.

Price from 134€/night.

Star Arctic Hotel Glass Cabin
1 / 4
NEW 2017

11. Revontulikota

Self-catering glass roofed igloo cabin 3,2 km to the south from the center of Saariselkä ski resort. Kitchen-living room, private sauna and shower room/toilet.

Starry sky and Northern Lights can be seen through the glass roof of the living room.

Price from 315€/night.

Revontulikota Saariselka
1 / 8

12. Aurora Village Ivalo

Igloo hotel in Finland 10 km from Ivalo airport, 26 km from Saariselka resort. 25 Aurora cabins with glass celling and panorama view.

"Everybody was so very genuinely helpful. You could feel that everybody was helping you because they wanted to, not because they had to. We felt we are a part of the Aurora village family. Traveller from Turkey".

Price from 345€/night.

Aurora Village Ivalo
1 / 7


  Why Levi? ▼

13. Golden Crown Levin Iglut

One of the best located Finland igloo hotel top of a fell with 360 panorama view.

9 km from Levi ski resort - the best winter resort in Finland with the largest number of Lapland activities and unique Lapland nature. In 2019 there will be opened the most luxury glass igloos for demanding travellers.

Price from 399€/night.

Golden Crown Levin Iglut
1 / 14

14. Northern Lights Huts

The glass-roofed huts for 2 and 4 persons, 13 km from Levi ski resort. Igloo hotel is located on an old reindeer farm. On-site restaurant with Lappish food (October-April).

Price from 250€/night.

See: Northern Lights Huts

See: Northern Lights Huts
 Northern Lights Huts, Levi
1 / 8

15. Northern Lights Ranch

Northern Lights Ranch is an unique restaurant, accommodation and activity resort 16km from Levi Ski Resort and 30km from Kittilä airport. Remote location in the wilderness, away from artificial light to see the Northern Lights.

Sky View Cabins: log cabin for 2 persons with huge heated windows and a glass ceiling.

Price from 275€/night.

See: Northern Lights Ranch

See: Northern Lights Ranch
Northern Lights Ranch
1 / 5

16. Northern Lights Village Levi

Brand new glass igloo village in Levi. The glass-roofed cabins offer the possibility to see the Northern Lights from your own bed.

Activities: snowmobile, husky safaris, Northern Light hunting trips. Sauna, toboggan hill, reindeer and snowmobile track for kids.

Levi ski resort - 17 km. Kittilä Airport - 33 km.

Price from 370€/night.
See: Northern Lights Village Levi

See: Northern Lights Village Levi
Northern Lights Village Levi
1 / 4
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17. Seaside Glass Villa

Glass wall villas with sea & sky view. Snow Castle, Snow Chapel, Snow Hotel are in walking distance. Unique cruise at Icebreaker Sampo possible to order.

Price from 230€/night.

Seaside Glass Villa, Kemi
1 / 5
NEW 2017


  Why Pyha? ▼

18. Pyhä Igloos

Mini glass igloo hotel in Finland with 7 glass ceiling suits.

Located in the Pyha resort next to Pyha-Luosto National Park. Great place for 2-3 days Lapland gateway with all possible winter and snow activities just around the corner.

Finnish sauna and the outdoor hot tub in the snow can be ordered.

Pyha Igloos
1 / 10

19. Pyhän Asteli Aurora Igloos

Modern Aurora Igloo Huts for 2-3 persons with bed under the glass ceiling.
Located 4 km from the center of Pyha resort, next to Pyha-Luosto National Park. Restaurant on site, log cottages and guided snowmobile safaris.

Price from 355€.
See: Pyhän Asteli Igloo

See: Pyhän Asteli Igloo
Kalles Inn Glass Houses
1 / 7
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  Why Ranua? ▼

20. Lapland Igloo, Ranua

Igloo-style cabin with glass dome with sauna, log-wood furniture and stone fireplace, located next to Hotel Ilveslinna.

There are contradictory reviews about this igloo, but main advantage is Ranua Wildlife Park in 2 km and reasonable price.

Price from 255€/night.

Lapland Igloo, Ranua
1 / 12

21. Arctic Fox Igloos

Arctic Fox Igloos - glass igloo hotel 5km from Ranua Wildlife Park-Zoo and 80km from Rovaniemi Airport.

Igloos are located on the lake Ranuanjärvi. Panorama view of the sky, across the open lake to the horizon. Each igloo has kitchenette, sauna, wc and shower. Breakfast included.

Price from 504€/night.

Arctic Fox Igloos
1 / 2
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  Why Inary? ▼

22. Lake Inari Mobile Cabins

Small mobile glass wall cabins to enjoy views of the sky and nature, if lucky, the Northern Lights too. In December-April cabins can be moved to be on the ice of Lake Inari for special Lapland night experience.
Low-cost alternative to luxury glass igloos in Finland.

Price from 150€/night.

Lake Inari Mobile Cabins
1 / 9

23. Inari Aurora Cabin / Inari Igloos

Inari Aurora Cabin is a spacious glass thermal roof cabin with a view to the sky. 2 beds with possibility for extra beds. Private bathroom (wc and shower). Electric kettle and WiFi.

Igloo Aurora cabins
1 / 6

24. Lake Inari Aurora Hut

Lake Inari Aurora Hut offers extraordinary accommodation for 2 persons in the middle of wilderness. It has a double bed with a view to the Northern sky, kitchenet and toilet. Heated with bio fuel. Sauna an be used in the main building of the hotel.

Aurora Huts are located next to Nangu Wilderness Hotel, far away from any public transportation. Can be reached by hotels transfer or by taxi.

See: Inari Aurora Hut

See: Inari Aurora Hut
Lake Inari Aurora Hut
1 / 3

25. Aurora Log Cabin Nangu

Nangu Wilderness Hotel offers Aurora Log Cabins. Each cabin has 2 sleeps, log walls and glass roof windows facing the northern sky. Own private bathroom with a shower.

Aurora Cabins are situated close to the shore of Lake Inari, with an open lakeview panorama. Perfect for experiencing the Northern Lights and Midnight sun.

Nangu Wilderness Hotel is located 30 km from Ivalo airport.

See: Aurora Log Cabin

See: Aurora Log Cabin
Aurora Log Cabin Nangu
1 / 3
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26. Santa's Hotel Aurora Glass Igloos, Luosto

10 glass igloos for year-round use in Luosto resort, by Santa's Hotel Aurora. Glass igloos with Lappish hut style. Fully equipped bathroom, toilet and shower.

Price from 382€/night.

Santa's Hotel Aurora Glass Igloos, Luosto
1 / 5

27. Eagles View Suite. Hotel Iso-Syöte

Luxurious hotel suite with glass roof and great view. Private jacuzzi. Arctic Spa services.

Price from 335€/night.

Eagles View Suite. Hotel Iso-Syöte
1 / 5

28. Iisakki Glass Village

10 glass Studios with lake view, at Iisakki Village area in Ruka resort, by lake Rukajärvi.

2 persons villa with kitchenette, shower and toilet.

Price from 249€/night.

Iisakki Glass Village
1 / 4

29. Aurora Dome Torassieppi

2 persons Aurora Dome (+2 extra beds possible). Toilet, shower and sauna are within easy walking distance.

Location: lake Torassieppi, Muonio, next to the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park.
Resort has eindeer farm & museum, huskyfarm. Offers nature friendly activities, experience the wilderness.

Price from 150€/night.

Aurora Dome Torassieppi
1 / 5

30. Kalle's Inn Glass Houses

Luxury standards out in nature, a true lifetime experience!

- Twin and double rooms
- Each Prisma has its own full bathroom
- Adjustable beds
- Reception and lounge with internet access

Kalles Inn Glass Houses
1 / 5

31.Revontuli All Sky Aurora Igloo

Scandinavian style All-Sky Aurora cabins by the lake, Central Finland. The area is one of the darkest places in Central Finland to spot Northern Lights.

15km from the resort there is Hankasalmen Observatory - one of the head centers of the Northern Lights research in Finland. The Northern Lights Sauna Trail package offered by the resort with stories and myths about the Northern Lights.

Revontuli igloo
1 / 8

32. Arctic Land Adventure Glass Igloos

The northernmost glass igloo hotel in Finland. Igloos are located beside the Vasara Reindeer Ranch, next to the Kilpisjärvi wilderness area. Best way to reach the place - by car.

Location in the heart of Sámiland on the shore of a lake. One of the best places in Finland for Northern Light hunting and experience activities with reindeer.

Norway, Tromso airport (188 km). Finland, Enontekiö airport (147 km, seasonal flights in winter only) and Kittilä airport (247 km).

Price from 368€/night with half-board.

Arctic Land Adventure Glass Igloos
1 / 5

33a. Aurora Bubbles - Wilderness Hotel Nellim

Aurora bubbles in the middle of nowhere. For wilderness lovers and adventure seekers. Glass dome ceiling rooms to see the Northern Lights, with private toilet. Communal sauna, restaurant and terrace. Wilderness Hotel hotel is 24 km from Tsarmitunturi Wilderness Area. Ivalo Airport - 51 km.

Price from 210€/night.

Nellim Aurora Bubble
1 / 6

33b. Aurora Kota - Wilderness Hotel Nellim

Aurora huts to spend a night in true Lapland style. The shape of our Aurora huts was inspired by the traditional Sámi hut, Kota.
Aurora Kotas have double beds and room for 1 extra bed. Wc inside. This accommodation is suitable for a few-night stay or 1 overnight experience.

Price from 215/night.

Nellim Aurora Kota
1 / 3


Estimate your Lapland travel cost including stay, travel, basic activities and food.

Play with our trip planner to get a raw travel price and some ideas of Lapland itinerary .

helsinki rovaniemi trip planner
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We are located in Kemijärvi/Lapland and Helsinki.
Planning your trip to Finland? Ask us!
What is Finland glass igloo?

Glass igloo in Finland is a romantic hotel to enjoy the sky, Lapland scenery and the Northern lights.

It is a little cabin built from insulated thermal glass / or log cabin with glass celling and panoramic view. Igloos are electrically heated and keep warmth inside. Do not be afraid of Lapland extremely low temperatures during winter inside an igloo.

Glass Igloos also designed with privacy keeping in mind. Some of them equipped with curtains, other with “frozen glass” and all facing some open space to provide amazing views.

Usually Igloo has a small wc, some also have shower. Luxury Igloos might have bathroom, kitchenette, and even private sauna.

Classical igloos fitted for 2 (max 4) persons. But it is possible also to stay in more comfortable and spacious glass lodge with up to 6 sleeps (Kelo-Glass igloos Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, for example).

Nowadays Glass Igloos are incredibly popular in Finland. New Igloo appear every year with glass cabins in many sizes, shapes and design. Some new glass lodge has fully equipped kitchen, sauna, and even hot tubes outside to have truly great experience. It is also possible to find Northern lights lodge for limited budget, like Lake Inari Mobile Cabins.

How much is a glass igloo in Finland?

Glass igloo price In Finland varies from 150€/night during low season (summer, early autumn) up to 990€/night during high season (Christmas and New Year holidays).

Where igloo hotels are located?

The idea of glass igloos is to enjoy the Northern Lights. So all glass igloo in Finland are located in Finnish Lapland, within the Aurora Zone, around or to the north of the Arctic Circle.

Some of igloos destinations are located on Finnish ski resorts: Levi, Luosto, Pyhä. Few can be found near Santa Claus village. Sometime igloos are located in the middle of nowhere (Muotka Igloos, Lake Inari Mobile Cabins). Or igloo resort might be a holiday destination itself (like Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort Igloos) with range of activities provided.

All igloo resorts have their specialities. You can choose the place according the activities or views you would like to experience.

How to get there?

Finnish Lapland is easily reachable from any point of the globe.

Easiest way to visit Lapland all year round: take a flight to Helsinki airport in Finland and then connection flight to few of the Lapland airports:

# Rovaniemi airport - the central hub of Lapland. Igloos located near: Arctic Tree House Hotel, Arctic Glass Igloos Sinettä, Snowman World Glass Resort apartment, Santa's Igloos Arctic Circle, Olokolo mobile sleeping nest, Kemi snow hotel, Seaside Glass Villa, Kemi.

# Kittilä airport.. Igloos located near: Golden Crown Levin Iglut (Igloo).

# Ivalo airport. Igloos located near: Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort Igloos, Northern Lights Village Saariselka, Muotka Igloos, Wilderness Aurora lodge, Aurora Village Ivalo, Lake Inari Mobile Cabins.

Another way to get to Lapland from Helsinki is to take comfortable night train (Santa Claus train it called) to Rovaniemi, Kemijärvi or Kolari.

Is it really possible to see the Northern Lights lights from glass igloo?

Although the glass igloos accommodation providers does not guarantee the Northern Lights on the sky during your stay, many places provide Aurora alarm service.

To increase your chances to see the Northern lights, there are a lot of Aurora forecast mobile apps and services available.

More tips how to see Northern lights and Aurora Alarm services.

Glass Igloos locations in Finland provides best opportunities for observing Northern lights.

Is igloo hotel worth the money?

Price for igloos is quite high. And it is extremely popular.

Price for 2 night igloo stay might be as high as 1 week log cottage holiday in Finland just in few km from the igloo place.

Keep in mind that you are paying for an experience! Some igloos may be quite modest with limited facilities and lower price, but great views and unforgeable memories.

How to get best deals for Igloos?

Yes, igloo prices can be quite high during peak seasons. Igloos Last Minute deals can offer prices with discounts up to 50%!

Experience and activities in Lapland around the igloo hotels

Visiting Finnish Lapland is not just sitting at an Igloo or cabin and waiting for Northern lights.

Glass Igloo stay can be just 1 of many possible activities and experiences in Lapland worth to try during your holidays in Finland. It can be added as an extra night or 2 to your Lapland holidays.

More about Winter Finland Activities >

How long should be Lapland holidays?

To feel Finland and Lapland in its best, it make sense to spend 1 day in Helsinki (for example, between connection flights).
1-2 nights at Glass Igloo.
2-3 nights at classical Finnish log cabin/holiday cottage.

This time should be enough to see and do main Lapland attractions and activities and feel the Arctic.

Total – 5-6 days as an recommendation.

Welcome to Finnish Lapland!


Snowmobile Fair 2019

Sat-Sun 2.-3.11. Snowmobile Fair 2019. Lappi Areena.

Date: 2 November 2019 - 3 November 2019
Address: Lappi Areena., 96100 Rovaniemi, Finland
The Grand Opening of the Christmas Season 2019. Santa Claus Village, Arctic Circle

Sun 10.11. at 16 The Grand Opening of the Christmas Season 2019. Santa Claus Village, Arctic Circle.

The Grand Opening of the Christmas Season is an annual and traditional, merry event that starts the Christmas season in Rovaniemi. The event begins at 4 pm at the central square of Santa Claus Village. In Rovaniemi, Christmas is every day, but the opening ceremony reminds us of the Christmas’ message of goodwill, sharing and caring – all of the three main characters that Santa Claus stands for. To cherish the event’s message, the elves and local artists put on a festive concert that culminates in Santa Claus’ speech – what he got in store for us this year?

Grand Opening brings together Rovaniemi citizens and tourists to celebrate all things Christmas. It’s known for being a warm-hearted and welcoming event, that’s also a reason to visiting Rovaniemi for many. The evening is rounded off with dancing to Christmassy disco tunes.

The event is free of charge. The celebration is organized by Visit Rovaniemi.

Date: 10 November 2019
Address: Santa Claus Village, 96930 Rovaniemi, Finland
Santa is on his way, Santa Claus Village.

Mon 23.12.2019 at 19.00 Santa is on his way, Santa Claus Village.

Santa starts his annual mission from Santa Claus Village, where the elves put on a festive show to send him off and wish him the best of luck on his adventure. Right before hopping in his reindeer-pulled sleigh, Santa Claus gives a speech and sends Christmas cheer to the people of the world.

Date: 23 December 2019
Address: Santa Claus Village, 96930 Rovaniemi, Finland
New Year Party in Arctic SnowHotel by Safartica

Tue 31.12. at 22 New Year Party in Arctic SnowHotel by Safartica

The evening includes many fun activities and surprises for all ages, such as snow disco, ice bar, mini snowmobiles for children, elf school, the Shaman telling your fortune and of course visiting the spectacular hotel made of snow and decorated with beautiful ice sculptures. The highlight of the evening are naturally the spectacular fireworks!

Date: 31 December 2019
Address: SnowHotel, 96930 Rovaniemi, Finland
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