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Glass igloo is comfortable warm accommodation, with panorama sky view, specially designed to see the Northern Lights.

There are more then 25 glass igloo resorts in Finland now. All of them has optimal location to see the Aurora. Some of them are luxury resorts, while other are low-price options with limited facilities. Some has wide range of Lapland activities available on side, white other are hidden in the wilderness.

Here is our step by step glass igloo guide to explore the best options for Northern lights holidays in Finland.


Traditional - Classical
Classical glass igloo is a little round-shape glass dome completely built from insulated thermal glass. The roof is electrically heated to prevent icing. Roof stays snow and ice free to provide perfect view to the sky.

Classical Glass Igloo

They are quite small, 18-23 sq.m..

There are usually 2 separate beds in an igloo, possible to make as double bed. Beds might be motorised, allowing to adjust comfortable position if there are Northern Lights overhead. Chairs and table available.

Usually igloos are for 2 persons, but extra beds also can be provided.

Glass Igloo layout

Classical igloos has wc at least. Shared showers and saunas at separate service building, with separate facilities for men and women. Other has little shower inside the igloo making it much more comfortable in winter nights and chilly mornings. Check what kind of basic facilities are at the igloo you are going to book not to be surprised when you check in.

Glass igloo wc

Some variations have also kitchenette with water kettle, coffee-maker, fridge and maybe electric plate. If breakfast included into the standard Igloo, it may be packed and left at the igloos fridge.

Glass igloo kitchen

Also family variations of igloos are available for 4 persons at some resorts like Kakslauttanen and it is upgraded with shower.

Family Glass igloo Kakslauttanen

Modern and Luxury Glass Igloos
This type of glaas accommodation recently appeared as demand is growing and it is not as classical igloos, but the idea if the same – as much glass as possible, open sky and panorama views, and adorable location.

SnowMan Glass resort

Luxury glass igloos may have different size and shapes. Some of them have 2 levels with glass roof on upped floor.

All facilities like wc and shower are inside. Private sauna also included as real Finnish experience. Little kitchenette has its place inside the igloo/apartment.

Outdoors hot tube-whirlpool as an extra piece of luxury at SnowMan World Glass resort apartments. Just imagine going outside after Finnish sauna, relaxing at warm whirlpool while watching the starry sky.

SnowMan Glass resort hot tube

There is also unique option "2 in 1" – Kelo-Glass igloo at Kakslauttanen. It combines Lapland Kelo-log cabin with fireplace, sauna, kitchen, wc and shower as well as bedroom with glass dome shaped as real classical glass igloo.

Kelo Glass Igloo

There are also something in between classical igloos and luxury options - so-called Aurora cabins.

Aurora cabin finland

It is a kind of combination: little cabin with glass roof above the bed or a cubic shaped room with glass wall or glass corner.

muotka igloos

They are designed to have great panorama view.

Iisakki igloos

As a standard they have wc, shower inside. Little kitchenette or tea-coffee facilities might be included and of course bed on the best possible place to see the scenery and sky.

Glass igloo variations
As you might probably know, glass igloos are quite expensive, because mainly price is not for accommodation, but for experience and adventure.

If you are on a budget, there are still many options to try this unusual way of spending nights under the stars and open sky.

For example, Olokolo mobile sleeping nest in Kemi or Lake Inari Mobile Cabins

Olokolo Kemi

Olokolo in Kemi is very tiny. You can only sit there or sleep. Toilets, showers and locker rooms are in the main building (open 24 hours). Nevertheless travellers call in as coolest place to stay in pod with transparent roof.

Another option is Lake Inari mobile cabin. Cabins can be moved to the best places on the lake to see Northern lights. It is equipped with little toilet, heating, kettle. Electricity available while cabin is parked at base camp. Showers, toilets, lounge, kitchen, wifi are available at base camp (shared).

Inari mobile cabins

Those above are mobile, can be moved somewhere on the lake if weather allows - unforgettable experience.

Another low-cost option, but still unique and comfortable, is Aurora Dome Torassieppi

Aurora Dome Torassieppi

It is lakeside dome, very similar with traditional designed igloos. It has wood burning stove to create some romantic and warmth. Shared sauna and washroom facilities available 50 metres away from Aurora Domes.

This kind of igloos are most suited for 1-2 nights because of the limited facilities inside. But if you are experience wilderness traveller, you can spend more time there.

Although those igloo options are very simple, they are located at some places or resorts with wide range of activities available. So igloo itself is not the main reason why you should come there.

What about igloo comfort?

Do not be afraid of Lapland extremely low temperatures during winter inside a glass igloo. It is as warm as normal hotel room. Majority of igloos are electrically heated and keep comfortable warmth inside. Mobile options has sleeping bags and furs.

Glass igloos also designed with privacy keeping in mind. Some of them equipped with curtains, other with “frozen glass” and all of them usually facing some open space to provide amazing views.

Levin Iglut

Usually Igloo has a small wc, some also have shower. Luxury Igloos might have bathroom, kitchenette, and even private sauna.

Classical igloos fitted for 2 (max 4) persons. But it is possible also to stay in more comfortable and spacious glass lodge with up to 6 sleeps (Kelo-Glass igloos Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, for example).

Nowadays Glass Igloos are incredibly popular in Finland. New Igloo appear every year with glass cabins in many sizes, shapes and design.


Where Glass Igloos located in Finland

Finnish Lapland is the main destination where Igloos are concentrated.

The main 2 areas where are the majority of igloos are located: Rovaniemi and Saariselka/Ivalo/Inari area.


First was Kakslauttanen Igloo resort and as it became very popular, the resort has built another part of it and now there are East village and West (new) Village.

As soon as this destination became very popular among travellers, some other igloo resorts have been built recently:

  • Northern Lights Village
  • Muotka Igloos
  • Aurora Village Ivalo
  • Nellim Igloos
  • Star Arctic Hotel
  • Revontulikota cabins


Another place is Rovaniemi, of course. Due to Santa Village, Polar Circle it is the world known place and main place to visit in Lapland during Christmas and New year time.

There are following igloo resorts located:

  • Arctic Glass Igloos
  • Santa's Igloos Arctic Circle
  • Arctic Tree House Hotel
  • Snowman World Glass Resort


Then comes Levi winter resort with classic Golden Crown Levin Iglut top of the fell and 360 panorama view. The location is one of a kind.

Glass igloo resorts at Levi:

  • Golden Crown Levin Iglut
  • Northern Lights Huts


2 new glass igloo resorts were opened in 2018 in Finnish Lapland!

  • Pyhä Igloos
  • Pyhän Asteli Aurora Igloos

Both are located near Pyhätunturi resort and next to Pyhä-Luosto National Park (125 km from Rovaniemi airport). Pyhä is suitable for both Lapland weekend getaway and longer holidays. Lapland activities like snowmobile safaris, husky rides, guided Aurora tours, reindeer farm visits can be easily arranged in one place.

All those places offer much more then just igloo stays. You can choose one of them with more easier transport accessibility for you and be sure to find all kind of Lapland activities there.


Next coming other igloo destinations. There are mainly 1 igloo resort for the area, but still possibility to have some of the Lapland activities around and interesting places to visit:

  • Olokolo mobile nest and Seaside Glass Villa in Kemi.
    Places of interest: Snow Castle, Snow Chapel, Snow Hotel. Unique cruise at Icebreaker Sampo.
  • Lapland Igloo in Ranua.
    Places of interest: Ranua Wildlife Park in Lapland.
  • Iisakki Glass Village in Ruka.
    Places of interest: Ruka winter resort and all kind of Lapland activities and safaris.
  • Aurora Dome Torassieppi. Places of interest: next to the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. Nature friendly activities, experience the wilderness.

All igloo resorts has similar or equal possibilities to see the Northern Lights. There are other factors then location within Finland matter to see the Aurora.

Igloo resort might be in the middle of nowhere. So be prepared to take some food, wine, books or pc with films, etc before you check in not to be disappointed during the evening time and night.

Remember, you are on an adventure and be ready to expect some thing a little different than the usual hotel.



Glass igloo prices differ considerably. It may be from 150€/night for simple Aurora dome or Mobile cabin with shared facilities to up 690€/night for Luxury glass Igloo.

Main factors affect the price:

  • Comfort level. Simple remote igloo resorts offer cheaper prices while fully equipped igloos will be expensive. If you are ready to use shared facilities when staying at an igloo, you can save some money and spend it to some experience you can try only in Finnish Lapland.
  • Location. Igloos at main destinations like Saariselka and Rovaniemi are more expensive then other less popular places and not so easily accessible.
  • Rent time. Low season in Lapland is autumn to mid December, mid January-mid February, and then from end of March to December again. At this time it is possible to get best deals for rent. Christmas - New Year – Ski holidays is of high demand and prices can be 30-100% higher during peak seasons.

    Tip: Check for Last Minute Igloo deals! It can be quite surprising with price discounts up to 50%!
  • Popularity and promotion of the resort. Naturally more promoted and well know resorts will have higher prices (like Kakslauttanen, everything close to Santa village). Do not be afraid to stay at less popular places. Usually they are family run with very personal approach to the customers and perfect service trying to make their guest happy and leave memorable impression. Some of them has advantages like Northern Lights Village, where staff if experts in Northern Lights and make guided Aurora programs. Also this resort has own husky, reindeer paddock and sliding hill for kids.


Chances to see the Aurora are the same whatever igloo resort you choose.
There are more factors affect the opportunity to see it and well-done planning will help you.

Read more about Northern Lights in Lapland and some tools helping with it HERE > > >.

Aurora Lapland how to see it

Seeing the Northern Lights is not in your control. Be sure that you are in one of the best places to see it. Just plan to have Northern lights as 1 of the activities at your Lapland list (not the first) not to be disappointed if you do not see it.




What is a glass igloo?

Glass igloo is an accommodation built from insulated thermal glass. Usually it is a small separate cabin with glass celling and panoramic view. Glass igloo overnight is a romantic experience to enjoy the sky, scenery and the Northern lights if lucky.

Where glass igloos are located?

Northern part of Finland, Lapland above the Arctic Circle, is the main place where roughly 30 glass igloo hotels are located. The main 3 areas where igloos are located: Rovaniemi, Saariselka and Levi. The nearest airports to the glass igloo hotels are Rovaniemi, Ivalo and Kittila airports.

What are the glass igloo price?

Glass igloo price starts from 150€/night for a basic Aurora dome or Mobile glass cabin with shared facilities. Some well equipped glass igloos offer redused prices from 150€/night for low season (autumn snowless season). For example, Arctic Fox Igloos offer good value prices in August. The same price for Pyhän Asteli Aurora Igloos in September.

The avarage price for glass igloo during winter season is 350€-500€.

Luxury glass igloos with premium facilities, sauna or hot tube will cost up to 690-990€/night.

Which glass igloo resort have the best panorama view?

Star Arctic Hotel and TOP Star Saariselkä 1 cabins both are located top hill with open panorama of the valley and the sky. Golden Crown - Levin Iglut also has a great view from top hill of Levi fell and more private location.

Arctic Fox Igloos in Ranua, Apukka Resort near Rovaniemi and Santa Claus village both located lakeside. It allows to have also open panirama view to the sky and the lake. It is possible to go on the frozen lake during winter and take great pictures.

Is there any family glass igloo hotel?

Standard glass igloo capacity is 2 persons + 1-2 extra sleeping places on sofa-bed might be used for kids for an extra charge. But there are few glass igloo resorts which have facilities to keep kids entertained. Santa's Igloos Arctic Circle have igloos with alcove for 2 persons and located near Santa Claus Village. Glass Resort also suriated next to Santa Village and all its facilities. Apukka Resort is 10 km from Santa Village and offer Apukka fun day activity where kids can try short husky and reineed rides, as well as kids snowmobiling and snow fun activities. One more place is Northern Lights Village in Saariselka with kids toboggan run and own reindeer paddock.


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