Helsinki - Rovaniemi trip planner
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Plan your travel costs in Finland

How much money will you need to visit Finland and have Lapland holidays?

We assume that you come to Helsinki first. More likely you'd like to do 1-2 days stopover in Helsinki before heading to Lapland. Then you'll take a local flight or night train to Rovaniemi and spend 2-3 days there. Read more...

Why this itinerary?

Most of the international flights arrive to Helsinki first. During winter season it is enough to spend 1 day in Helsinki to cover all main sights and attractions.

Rovaniemi is the entry point to Lapland, easy to access and the place with the highest density of activities. There are 5-6 daily trains between Helsinki and Rovaniemi. Also 3-4 daily flights from Helsinki to Rovaniemi available by Finnair and Norvegian.

Rovaniemi is the perfect place to spend short Lapland holidays:

- Santa Claus village and Santa Park are located 9 km from the city and just 5km from Rovaniemi airport.

- All Lapland activities are available there: husky park and safaris, reindeer rides, snowmobile safaris, Santa itself and Santa theme park.

- Ounasvaara skiing resort near Rovaniemi with downhill and cross country skiing possibilities.

- Spots to see the Northern Lights at the city as well as from Santa village or top of the hill of Ounasvaara.

- Variety of accommodation options available: Glass igloo, Hotels, Log cabins, Self-catering apartments.

Estimate your Finland Travel Cost including stay, travel, basic activities and food. Play with trip planner below to get a raw price estimation and some ideas of Lapland itinerary.

Helsinki stopover


1 day stopover in Helsinki is enough to see the main attractions, try local food and do some sauna activity.

If your holiday is during Christmas time, 2 days would be just perfect to enjoy the city look and illumination, Christmas markets and some performances, and visit Suomenlinna island.

If you have 3 days, it is worth to plan a day cruise to Tallinn by ferry, departing from city center.

Travellers and duration in Helsinki:

- Number of persons
- Number of nights in Helsinki

Accommodation type:


Cheap hotel €70/2 persons - Omena Hotel Helsinki City Centre
Mid-range hotel €110/2 persons - Holiday Inn Helsinki City Centre
Luxury/boutique hotel €180/2 persons - Glo Hotel Kluuvi


Coffee breaks

Assume there is breakfast included into the hotel price.
Buffet lunch €10-12 - Restaurant TRAY lunch in Glo Hotel Kluuvi
Dinner €20-25
Coffee with bakery or sweets - €10

Sauna experience
Allas Sea Pool
Sky-wheel Helsinki
Ferry to Suomenlinna fortress
Try Finnish Salmon soup

We took only some centrally located activities which require a fee.


Optimal place to stay in Rovaniemi is Santa Claus village, 8 km from the city center.

Accommodation at Santa Claus Village:

* Santa Claus Holiday Village - suites and log cabins with sauna;
* Santa's Igloos Arctic Circle - glass igloos;
* Snowman World Glass Resort - luxury glass apartments with sauna and outdoor heated jacuzzi;
* Nova Skyland Hotel - villas and suites with sauna and kitchen;
* Arctic TreeHouse Hotel - design hotel next to Santa Park and 2 km from Santa Claus village.

Visiting Santa Village and meet with Santa Claus is free. Payment only for official photo or video with Santa (own photos of Santa are not allowed).
There will be all activities available in 1 place: husky park and safaris, reindeer rides, snowmobiles, snow activity theme park.

Transport Helsinki - Rovaniemi (round-trip):

By train
By air

Day train round-trip from €80/person/round trip
Night train round-trip from €160/person/round trip
Flight - from €70/persons

Duration in Rovaniemi:

Christmas / New Year
Low season

Accommodation type:
1 night:
Glass Igloo
2 night:
Glass Igloo

Glass igloo Snowman World glass resort - €475;
Cottage at Santa Claus Holiday Village - €120;
Hotel Santa's Hotel Santa Claus - €120.

Lapland activities you want to try:
Official photo with Santa Claus
Husky park visit
Husky safari
Snowmobile safari
Reindeer safari
Visit Santa Park theme park


* Eat outside at Lunch Time (11:00 - 14:00). Many restaurants in Finland offer lunchtime buffets for about €9-12.

* Book a Hotel in Helsinki from Sunday to Monday night. Some hotels offer up to 60% discounts.

* Travel by night train from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. It will save you hotel overnight spendings in Helsinki. Trains are comfortable with wc, showers and sleeping compartments.

Tips to plan Lapland trip:
Hotels in Helsinki
Glass igloo finland
Northern lights in Finland
Get expert advice about Finland trip.
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